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August 10, 2021

Stress and Simplicity

I'm seeing a lot of people in my clinic showing stress, all in different ways. Some of us show it physically, with aches and pains. Other's natural defence is to go into hyper-busy so they don't need to sit with their emotions. Some freeze, and can't speak or move....
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I am a finalist in the 2021 Hastings City Business Awards!

I was nominated in the Hastings City Celebration Business Awards, in two categories - Best Health & Beauty Business 2021, and - Best New Business 2021.  I was nervous but excited to be interviewed (twice), and found the process actually really rewarding once I...
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Happy Birthday Mr Tom Bowen...

Who even is Tom Bowen? Well I'm glad you asked! Tom Bowen was a kind and generous man who began working around the 1950s, using a technique of gentle touch and rolling movements across the skin and soft tissue.  He worked often with physically disabled children, encoura...
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New Clinic space!

Hey team, exciting news!  I am moving Soothe my Soul to a new clinic space in Hastings, Hawkes Bay. Its all happened really quickly, which is often a sign of things meant to be... much like when I bravely took that big scary step of moving out of the spare room at home,...
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