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FINALIST! - Best New Business in Hastings City...

I am a finalist in the 2021 Hastings City Business Awards!

I was nominated in the Hastings City Celebration Business Awards, in two categories - Best Health & Beauty Business 2021, and

- Best New Business 2021. 

I was nervous but excited to be interviewed (twice), and found the process actually really rewarding once I got my nerves in check with some deep breathing exercises!

The judges are both successful business women in the Hawkes Bay, and each gave valuable insights. Including my business setup, strategy, client experience and all the things you don't know until you know.  I'm super grateful for this gift of their knowledge.

I've just been notified that I am a FINALIST in the category of Best New Business 2021!!
There will be a dinner where winner's of each category are announced later in August, but I truly already feel like a winner with such an inspiring and unexpectedly enjoyable experience.

So thank you to each and every client who trust me with their care.
And to the Hastings City Business Association for all your ongoing support and opportunities, it's a pleasure "Doing biz in the 'sting's"!

To find out more about the awards click this link


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