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Only when we treat the whole person can the person feel well within themselves.

I  first heard of Bowen Therapy after I had just had my child and was in pain suffering from sciatica and vertigo. I was in so much pain, and with constant dizziness I was unable to drive. Then after exhausting all that was offered to me, my mum suggested Bowen Therapy . I was skeptical, but I was also desperately wanting to be living a pain free life. Honestly, while on the Therapist's table I could feel the pain ease and the sensation to my feet returning. It was such a sweet relief. After just one session I was able to sleep better , move better and suddenly finding the energy I so desperately needed, to be a new mother. Something I will always be so grateful for.

I trained as a Massage Therapist but I knew that Bowen was the way forward for me, it just made sense. I knew this gentle touch with powerful results, was the way to be able to help more clients to live a better healthier, happier and pain free life. I just wanted others to benefit from Bowen Therapy as I had. After completing extensive training to become a Registered Bowen Practitioner I am now practising in Hawke’s Bay and absolutely love my job! After all, who would not love being able to journey with so many in our wonderful community. I really enjoy working with children and babies, as well as the whole family. A family’s well being matters to me and I believe that physical and emotional health work equally to achieve overall health and wellbeing. Only when we treat the whole person can the person feel well within themselves. I continue to undertake professional development and be able to offer only the very best practice to my clients. 

I really do feel grateful to help others, and look forward to being part of your healing and wellness journey.  


Bowen and Massage Therapy



Bowtech does not use forceful manipulation. Gentle subtle moves are performed over the connective tissue and muscles, sending messages deep into the body. This may help with a relaxed, balanced posture, improved alignment and overall helping improve health and wellbeing

Bowen can treat a wide range of complaints, and is so gentle it can be used with clients who may have extra needs which Massage cant treat.


My Workplace Wellness On-site Massage session comes to your place of work. Did you know that massage helps to bring the brain back into a relaxed but focussed state - and most employers tell me they notice increased efficiency from that short break their staff take.  It is a great way to encourage  self care within the workplace, lift team morale and helping improve health and wellbeing.


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