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International Bowen Therapy Week

Happy Birthday Mr Tom Bowen...

Who even is Tom Bowen?

Well I'm glad you asked!

Tom Bowen was a kind and generous man who began working around the 1950s, using a technique of gentle touch and rolling movements across the skin and soft tissue.  He worked often with physically disabled children, encouraging their bodies to relax, and increasing the movement in their stuck muscles and joints. For which there really was no other help at the time.  

His technique became very popular, as word spread fast around suburban Geelong, Australia!   He soon left his day job to continue treating many many children and adults.  Years later nearing the end of his career he shared his technique with a handpicked bunch of people, chosen by himself. People he chose as they were kind, and understood his unique way of working.  These kind folks vowed to practice and teach his technique across the world.  He referred to this as "his gift".  It later became known as Bowen Therapy.

And what a gift!  

I feel humble and proud to have undertaken the training with the Bowtech Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. I came from a background of massage therapy, but knew immediately when I found Bowen Therapy that this was how I wanted to treat people. To relieve their pain, stress management, and postural alignment. 

I appreciate and prefer that I can use gentle touch triggering the nervous system of your body to respond, and release the soft tissue.  The body is a complex system which has been designed to repair itself.  Generally it just needs a nudge in the right direction.  

I also like that the moves are so gentle they can be made through clothing. I can treat people who otherwise might not have massage or bodywork, as you remain clothed. 

The Bowen Therapy technique is my first choice, for releasing overall tension and reducing pain and inflammation. By increasing lymphatic flow, blood flow and for general relaxation of the whole body and mind. 

Bowen Therapy helps to bring the body out of the hypervigilant state that many of us live in constantly, which is known as 'fight, flight, freeze' and back into 'rest and repair' mode.  This is the natural state our bodies prefer to be in, especially to rest each night, when the body is designed to do it's repair work.  

By encouraging deep rest during the Bowen Therapy session, your body's nervous system is able to notice the rolling movements and take the message to calm the brain and nervous system. By doing this it may help to improve the function of each system in the body.  A body which is functioning freely is less likely to suffer pain or dysfunction, or 'dis-ease'.  

As the saying goes... "Every body is better with Bowen!"

So this gift that Tom Bowen kindly gave to the world is my pleasure and privilege to continue to share.  I love helping people to feel better, physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I love to provide gentle calm stillness, and specific body work movements so that your body can do what it needs to to repair or improve. 

Thanks for letting me celebrate International Bowen Therapy Week by sharing more with you about this wise and kind man, and his technique which I'm so passionate about. This week is chosen to celebrate, as today is the anniversary of the birth date of Tom Bowen, April 18th 1916.

If you are wondering if Bowen is right for you, contact me to chat. Or simply book a session with me now and give it a go.


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