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Stress and Simplicity

I'm seeing a lot of people in my clinic showing stress, all in different ways.

Some of us show it physically, with aches and pains. 
Other's natural defence is to go into hyper-busy so they don't need to sit with their emotions. 
Some freeze, and can't speak or move. 

I see you, each of you.

Because I have been each of you. Sometimes all at once... (Yes I'm an over-achiever, and it's possible to be parts of these states, all at once!).

You see, we are all the same, we are all just dealing with our own unique challenges, in our own way. No one of us is perfect. We can only try our best.

Last week I had a reality check, the edges were beginning to be frazzled but even I hadn't noticed my signs. Which was unusual.

But instead of freaking out I went back to basics. I have a great support crew, of people I choose to open up to. So I was able to get back on track quickly.  It was quite simple actually, by

a) Going for a walk.
b) Drinking more water.
c) Mindfulness

Those 3 things are MY go to methods of resetting myself.  They also happen to be my ongoing self-care.  Yours will be your own set of techniques that you know work for you. Ironically when I gravitated away from practicing my self care daily, my world starts to go cray cray. And the way to pull it back instantly is to go back to what works!

But how will I know, Alice? What will my "thing" be?

Well, I figured mine out by sitting in stillness and trusting my instincts. 

That fleeting first thought that pops into our mind (or screams loudly, depending how long you've been ignoring it) is exactly what you follow. 

Sounds a bit fluffy and hippie-dippie doesn't it, but what if simplicity really was the key?  What if we were designed with an innate knowledge within us that just needed to be tapped into once the mental clutter is silenced. Heck, you've tried the alternatives, why not try calming your nervous system and experiencing being quiet in your own body.  Listen.  Notice. 

Bowen's like that too isn't it?  Remember lying on the table in my clinic, and feeling sensations happen all through the body long after my touch has finished?  Or waking the next morning after a game-changing next level of deepness sleep?  


Simple works.

If there's one thing that the situation of our world is teaching us, its that we cant control anything, except our own responses.  Also, that being sent to sit by ourselves for a length of time can be absolutely dreadful for many people!  But its also where the answers lie. 

So if this is you, if you feel disconnected from yourself, or could use some help to calm the mental clutter, your busy monkey mind, and let go of the constant to do list..  Bowen Therapy might be just the way to tick that box, try something so simple it seems too simple!

Maybe its what you were chasing all along?


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