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Why all the Water?

Why do I need to drink so much water?

Every time you get a Massage or Bowen Therapy treatment, Alice probably goes on a rant about drinking water.  What's all that about?

"I drink heaps!"  So most people think...

I bet you already know that the body is around 60% water, and that after a Massage or Bowen, the body has to flush out all the toxins, so we won't go there - you KNOW this.  

But, did you also know that the tissue which has been tense and "stuck" is actually also dehydrated? So now that it's been released, it will be thirsty like a dry sponge! 

If you haven't topped up with plenty of water, your body will steal fluids from wherever it can. This can make it tougher for your other tissue and organs to cope with the extra work following treatment as well as doing their regular job. That's when you might end up feeling tired, and grotty with a muddy headache, and may even feel pain and nausea if your body is struggling to do it's normal repair work following any treatment. 

So we need to drink more water than we normally do after treatment, to FLUSH toxins out and to REHYDRATE the tissue.

This is honestly the best way to get the most out of your treatment session. The work I do for you is a part of the picture, but you need to do your bit to to avoid the pain or tightness returning.

People often ask "OK so how much should I drink?"

I can't give an exact amount as every body is so different. And at different times our body may require more water than others as we go through the seasons, and different levels of activity or wellness. 

So my suggestion is to simply increase from what you normally drink, following any treatment. See how you feel? Do you feel more energetic or motivated, less bloated, perhaps passing bowel movements more often or easily?  Have you lost that 3pm slump, the brain fog? 

All these things are affected by dehydration.

Water is free, and now you know why you need to drink plenty of it every day, and even more after a Bowen Treatment. But water does NOT have to be boring!

  • Water is always best absorbed at room temperature, but can be drunk warm or cool too. 
  • Sparkling water, 
  • Filtered water - (I use a simple water filter jug from The Warehouse.)
  • Add ice. 
  • Herbal tea bags (not black tea or coffee, they dehydrate. Increase plain water if you drink these)
  • Lemon, Orange, Lime slices
  • Watermelon frozen or fresh
  • Mint leaves
  • Summer fruits - peach, apricot, nectarines or berries sliced
  • warm water with lemon & ginger
  • Cucumber, mint & chilli
  • Mocktail water jug - we make a large jug up with our choice of additions from the list above, and keep refilling the jug to use the sliced fruit over and over thru the day. Sometimes we even pop a paper umbrella on top for fun!

As you can see there's only really your imagination holding you back. 

Perhaps take a look at the herbal teas next time your shopping, they go really well warm or cool, with fresh fruits and sparkling water added too. Kids will even drink this and forget about the soft drinks.

Let me know how you go, and I'll be sure to comment when I notice the difference in your body at your next treatment, yes I really can tell!

With you in wellness



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