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Kindness begins within

Kindness Matters

We hear a lot about kindness lately. 

After the rug was whisked out from under our feet shaking our foundations without warning, our leader urged us to be kind. This intrigued me, in a time when most people focus on rules, or themselves and their family, she asked us to come back to kindness.

That threw some people. Huh? Is she for real?

Yep, and although I'm not one to get too into politics, I think she's right on this. Kindness matters!

Whilst it can be scary when we can't change what's happening around us, we do have some power. We can change our response. 

We can choose to treat ourselves kindly, to show others how we expect to be treated. If we cant be kind to ourself, how can our kids or other loved ones learn our boundaries and know what we will or wont accept?

Kindness means no judgement. We simply allow our thoughts to come... then go. Rather than ruminating on them and letting them explode and spiral. It's just a thought and that's OK. Because it won't stick around forever, even though it might feel big or ugly now, it won't stay. Thoughts come, and they go.

What if we just accept that this is the moment now, without jumping ahead to plan for things that we assume might happen. Even if we feel so very sure they will.

What if we try to live in this moment now, engaging with the people around us.  

What if instead of focusing on the past or the future, we just be HERE now. What if we be honest with ourselves and those around us and say I don't feel great, or I'm scared. Instead of trying to fix it, or change it.

What if we let ourselves be supported by those who love us, the same way we support them when they feel scared (angry/ confused etc).

What if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable?

Ooooh wait a minute, hang on, I don't know about this! But what if the same reactions every other time a crisis hit, don't happen this time. What if we can just BE.

And if that means that you begin by being kind to yourself, and not expecting...anything. Could you possibly have created the very change you've been searching for? The calm?

That's a bit powerful isn't it?

And the funny thing is that kindness has a ripple effect. If you begin with kindness to yourself, treating yourself with respect and no judgement, its a strong possibility that others will too. 

And kindness feels good! Especially when you reach outwards to others with it. To offer someone a smile, or support without any expectation in return can be awfully gratifying. We feel proud. It Soothe's our Soul!

When everything feels off balance, often the best pick me up is to be kind to others less fortunate.  And there is ALWAYS someone worse off. I know that's a big call - and if you're struggling to see how that could be true, be kind to yourself and ask for support. Ask a buddy to chat, or me, its kind and it helps. Sometimes reaching out is the kindest and bravest thing you can do. Please don't struggle alone.

So at a time when we are beginning to feel pandemic fatigue, lets all try to keep the perspective and share the kindness. Think of others around you, notice others. This is what makes a beautiful, strong, connected community.  

A more resilient community. Which has got to be a good thing.

But always, always, always, begin by being kind to YOU 🤍


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