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K Tape



Kinesio Tape or K Tape, is an adhesive tape with stretch and support which can be applied to the skin.  You can wear it for days, and is able to be worn in the shower and during exercise for up to approx 5 days. 

The main reasons to use K Tape would be for an injured joint, and to relieve pain in muscles, joints, and ligaments, or an area where you need to increase the lymphatic flow.

By sticking the tape to the skin, it helps to pull away the skin from the fascia (connective tissue) and create the space the lymph fluid needs to pass through the area. Lymphatic flow is necessary to allow the body to do its own repair work. It can also be useful as a preventative when playing sport.

By using the K Tape, you'll heal faster, and also feel supported depending on the exact placement of the tape, for your injury or requirements.


It is recommended to spot test your skin with the tape if you have not used it before.

This K Tape is in colour black, with white markings as pictured. 

It is 5cm wide, and a handy 7m length. This will be enough to strap each injury a few times. 

If you require your injury to be taped, I can do this in the clinic. Simply book your treatment session (Either Bowen Therapy or Remedial Massage) and at the end of the session I will sell you the K Tape and apply it for you. Giving you the remainder of your box to re-apply as needed. 

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