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This V day, how about you show love to the most important in your world...?


So, what's the point of all this love yourself stuff?

Self love is to care about your self so much,
that you live in a state of wellness and balance.

You nourish yourself, the way you would to a loved one.
You offer yourself what you need, and want.
You make choices to put yourself first.

This has a positive effect on all aspects of your life,
your health, physically and emotionally,
your connection with others,

By treating yourself with love, you also ensure that others will too. You set the standard of how you will be treated by others.
You can't expect others to respect you, if you don't even treat yourself with kindness and respect.
Makes sense?

I used to think that the concept of self love sounded a bit conceited, or selfish. And at one point I thought it meant a whole other thing!
But actually its really simple.

Put yourself first, and treat yourself with kindness.

So what might that look like?

💜 Saying NO to anything unnecessary, or things you don't like doing. (extra points if you         don't explain yourself.)

💜Saying YES if its something you'd like to do. (Especially if you usually say no. It's                  common to use finances, others needs, or time as excuses here.)

💜Booking time into your diary for your self care first, then the needs of                                   kids/family/others after that.

💜Trying a new hobby


💜Good Nutrition

💜Healthy sleep schedule


💜Doing an activity you enjoy, that you've neglected lately 

💜Doing what floats your boat!

Are you getting the idea?

The most important part is that you do you. If you don't like bubble baths, don't have one! That's definitely a "NO". If you love going for a run to unwind, do that!

It can be hard at first, but once you shift your thinking, I promise it gets easier. And soon you are doing it by second nature. Occasionally my old patterns creep back and I need to remind myself, or a loved one does, that I have slipped down the list and am neglecting myself. I become frustrated and lose sleep.



It's hard to care for yourself though, if you don't really like yourself.
Let alone love yourself.

Through my work here with my beautiful clients, I've realised how many people don't.

The concept of being absolutely perfect just the way you are, is one I am choosing to embrace now. It makes it easier for me to love me.  I am often looking for ways to improve myself, constantly open to learning and growth. But, I'm also "perfectly imperfect".

I'm awesome just the way I am!

Many people weren't taught to think about themselves, because for generations it was not a priority. Infact it was even frowned upon. A "good" wife or mother for example was expected to put herself last. Thank goodness that changed!

I think it is actually an act of compassion, to help your loved ones understand their own need for self care, and self love, by modelling it yourself in your own life. 
It comes down to setting the standard of how you wish to be treated. And you are showing them how you want them to be treated too, especially by themselves. 

The positivity this creates has a flow on effect to all aspects of your wellbeing. So go on, give it a go. Start with 3 reasons you love you?

My 3 things are that I have a great smile, I have a decent sense of humour, and I love helping people feel better.

Now 3 things you can do to show your self some love?

My 3 are that I will schedule in time with friends to laugh and have fun, I will spend time in my garden, and I will begin reading the book I bought 2 weeks ago. 

So this week when everyone else is focused about showing love to their significant other, or pledging love to a secret crush as the tradition of St. Valentine is celebrated, hold your head high and know that you are showing love to the most important person in the world first,
and that person is YOU



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